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Road Craft - A division of Oregon Driver TrainingOregon Driver Training Institute offers fleet training courses for employees and other experienced drivers. We are a Commercial Driving School licensed by the State of Oregon Department of Transportation. ODTI’s defensive driving programs are adapted directly from the California Highway Patrol Academy driver training course and the National Law Enforcement Driver Training Guide (a U.S. Department of Transportation publication). Your employees will receive the finest, most comprehensive driving course available for your fleet.

Law enforcement drivers routinely exceed the speed limit and drive in very hazardous conditions, yet have a very low preventable accident rate. This is because they have completed a rigorous defensive driving course designed for the experienced driver. Oregon Driver Training Institute’s course is a condensed version of the standard law enforcement training program. All drivers, not just law enforcement, can benefit from learning these effective defensive driving techniques.

The goal of our program is to eliminate preventable accidents. Preventable accidents are different than “legally-at-fault accidents”! A driver may not be legally at fault for an accident, but if they could have avoided the collision by applying defensive driving tactics, the accident was preventable. In fact, the use of the word “accident” to describe a traffic collision is incorrect! Federal studies show that fully 85% if collisions are the result of driver error and are preventable, not accidental. As the employer, your goal is to reduce your organization’s collision claims rate and eliminate preventable accidents. Currently, ODTI’s defensive driving course is available for drivers of the following vehicle types: Passenger cars, Light trucks & Straight trucks, and Utility vans.


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